5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

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Collisions with buses and large trucks are devastating events that leave a significant amount of damage in their wake. Although it’s often difficult to think clearly at the scene, the time right after an accident is a crucial one where a victim’s decisions may affect their chances of receiving compensation. Below, readers will learn which mistakes to avoid after a commercial vehicle accident.

Not Notifying the Police

Notifying the authorities should be the first step after a truck accident. The police report provides official records of the collision and its circumstances, and because it’s prepared by an unbiased third party, it’s vital for insurance and legal purposes.

Not Gathering Information at the Accident Scene

After an accident, a victim should get certain information such as the driver’s name, the company for which they work, and their insurance company’s name. If possible, taking accident scene photos may help to document the conditions that led to the collision. Photographs will help a Truck Accident Lawyer reconstruct the scene and identify crucial witnesses. Finally, it’s a good idea to get those witnesses’ contact information as well.

Admitting Responsibility

Trucking accidents often put people in heightened emotional states, which may lead them to apologize or admit fault. However, it’s important to resist the temptation to comment on liability, whether it’s to admit it or to blame someone else. It’s not the victim’s job to determine liability; just stick to the facts when giving statements to the authorities.

Not Getting Medical Care

Even if a victim’s injuries seem minor, they should still see a doctor for a full examination and potential treatment. Crash-related complications may appear days, weeks, or months after an event, so it’s important for victims to allow doctors to assess their condition and note any injuries connected to the collision.

Talking About the Event on Social Media

If a victim decides to file a claim after a trucking accident, defense lawyers and insurance adjusters will look through their social media posts. The victim should remember this and keep in mind that anything they say about the accident could bring serious consequences in the future. It’s safest to keep accident-related information private and to avoid the urge to share the details online.

Although truck crashes are usually out of victims’ control, avoiding these common mistakes will increase the chances of a fair settlement. Contact an injury attorney right away after such an accident.