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Reasons Why Drug and Alcohol Education in Schools is Important

There are so many teenagers who are abusing drugs. This has contributed to many negative things. Many youths who started abusing drugs when they were young have become drug addicts. In this case, they cannot do anything without using drugs. This has affected them in many areas. When you abuse drugs, you can either go mad or lose your memory completely. We should encourage schools to offer drug and alcohol abuse education in schools. This will help our children grow with the right knowledge. children will avoid drugs through good education.

When there are drug and alcohol education in schools, cases of drug abuse will reduce with time. Most of the young people abuse drugs because they didn’t have enough education about the effect of drug abuse. In this case, others are influenced by peer pressure. It’s very sad for a parent to watch his children fighting with drug addiction without success. Children will not put themselves at risk of drug and alcohol abuse when they acquire the knowledge about drug abuse.

Drug and alcohol education should be considered as a full course. This will play a role in making learners understand the whole concept of drugs. The will be aware of the most important things. Many parent tries to teach their children about the drug but they take it lightly. When drug and alcohol education is offered in schools, that’s when it will be more effective. Children will not take it lightly since they will be required to do an examination.

Drug education in school will make the kids understand how they can help people fighting drug abuse. This is very important because they will have learned many things like the impacts of addiction and illicit behaviors on others. When children acquire drug education, they will be in a position to understand the warning signs of drug addiction. A bright student will be keen when learning about drugs.

Most of the people who abuse drugs claim that they are doing so to get rid of stress and depression. They give this excuse to appear innocent. There are people who use drug and alcohol to avoid stress when they are experiencing difficulties. Children are taught different ways in school through which they can overcome stress and depression without having to use drugs. Kids will grow practicing those methods and it will be very hard for them to abuse drugs.

Children are educated on the possible ways they can use to prevent addiction. When children participate in different programs, they will be able to see how drug abuse has destroyed the lives of many people. Drug and alcohol education in school will make you and your children enjoy so many advantages.

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