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Medicine That Works By Restoring The Healing Abilities Of A Body

Regenerative medicine is said to be more effective in treating some stubborn diseases as it works by reversing the damages caused to the body. The immune system is improved by this medicine which comprises of essential elements like proteins and cytokines. These drugs usually enhance the body to heal faster after some injury through reversing the damage caused for faster healing. When some condition is not treated through normal methods, these cells can sometimes be the solution to such conditions. The umbilical cord has been found to contain some stem cells that can be used to manufacture the regenerative medicine.

The stem cells can be found in the bone marrow too but the umbilical cord produces many effective cells. Researchers find the umbilical cord to be a better source since the extraction process of such cells us easier compared to the bone marrow. Stem cells from the umbilical cord exhibit better properties of self renewal than stem cells from the bone marrow and other sources. Compared to other sources the cells have much lesser contaminants which usually make the other cell less effective. Cells got from this part show property that is most suitable than others in making regenerative medicine.

Researchers say that the cells are easily extracted from the umbilical cord and that the cells can be standardized with more ease. To get many cells from other sources requires complex procedures than when this is done from the umbilical cord. The cells can be used to treat conditions like injured nervous system due to having low immunogenicity properties. Although it has been previously difficult to treat the neurodegenerative disease, the cells show a potential of creating an effective drug for it. The cells achieve this result through reversing the process and lowering the effects of causative agents of this conditions.

Neuropathic pain can also be significantly relieved for patients when these cells are introduced as medicine. To get rid of the pain, the stem cells work by making the pain activators perform slowly or stop and making pain inhibitors perform more efficiently. Some eye problems are also treated when this medicine is used on the patient in particular conditions and doses. Diabetic neuropathy usually leafs to foot ulcers and this condition has been shown to be countered by using the cells. Many men report about the erectile dysfunction and the present solution is temporary as it aims at reducing the symptoms of this condition. Asthma and other pulmonary related diseases which cause the lungs to work with difficulty are some of the conditions treatable with the cells.

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